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We Provide Best Industrial Solution to Our Customers, Supplying high-quality brushes for more than 35 years now, with over 90% of products manufactured on-site in India.
As an industry leader, RK Brush Manufacturing Company has the technology, expertise and experience to meet all of your industrial brush needs. With a virtually unlimited combination of specifications, we can customize almost any aspect of your industrial brush, including brush length, bristle length, stiffness, density, coarseness, filler material, and base materials.
Our custom brushes are made from materials that can withstand certain harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, or both. Conversely, our industrial brushes can be gentle and soft enough to spread powdered sugar on the softest donuts. From food processing to steel processing, glass manufacturing, pharmaceutical production to data cable management, we are trustworthy suppliers of customer-specific industrial brushes that meet the requirements of almost every industry.
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RK Brush Manufacturing Company has a tradition of manufacturing industry-specific and custom products of the highest quality.
With high quality materials and dedicated workmanship, RK Brush meets your expectations as a world-class manufacturer of industrial brushes in India.

The manufacturing capabilities of our high tech advanced machinery and highly trained professionals has enabled us to offer our customers bespoke bristle tools for a nearly unlimited number of industrial brush applications including, but not limited to: metal channel strip brushes, plastic channel strip brushes, twisted wire brushes, brush seals, and specialty brushes.

RK Brush Manufacturing Company has built a strong reputation throughout the brush trade for manufacturing high quality competitively priced products.

Industrial brushes can be made in a variety of sizes and with a large number of filament types, channels, and holders to meet various application needs. Our custom brush design feature will help you create the perfect brush for your needs, whether you need one or more brushes.

Our Company has consistently embraced innovation to provide a superior level of excellence to customers.

Quality and safety are of utmost importance to RK Brush. This is why we only use the highest quality materials in the manufacturing process. All our brushes are made of high quality, and only use high-grade manufactured wire.

RK Brush is a Bahadurgarh (India) based wire brushes and industrial wire brush manufacturing company, Our company specializes in wire brushes, industrial brushes, medical wire brushes, laboratory brushes and all manner of utility wire brushes. With manufacturing facilities located in Bahadurgarh, India we produce and supply custom built brushes throughout India and Southeast Asia to a broad spectrum of industries.

We are committed to ensure that all of our brushes are of high quality & safe and we produce some of the highest industrial quality brushes in India.

We have been providing custom industrial brushes to a wide range of manufacturing companies for over 35 years. Whether it's a bespoke brush for your unique application, an OEM replacement, or one of our thousands of designs in stock, we have the experience to tackle the toughest industrial or maintenance applications.

With a view to further grow and expand, By acquiring the latest manufacturing technologies more specialized automated brush making machines were purchased, which led to the opening of additional production facilities. An expansion to tailor-made brushes soon followed, We have not only expanded the opportunities in the brush market, but also given us the opportunity to diversify into different areas. Our production plants and machines are the most technically advanced and environmentally friendly systems of high quality.

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